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Top 10 Jobs For 2005

Top 10 Jobs for 2005

. 1. Medical Assistants perform medical and administrative duties under the direction of a doctor or health professional. This is the number one job for growth potential in the United States. The salary range is $27,500 to $41,780 per year. .
2. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts keep Internet sites online, Intranets running and company computers connected across offices and locations. If you have a yearning to work with networks, then you are in luck; this job will experience a rate of growth of 57 percent over the next few years. Most employers will require a minimum of Bachelor's degree and some practical work experience. The pay for this occupation is quite attractivestarting at $41,820.
3. Physician Assistants - Another medical job tops the list for growth. Working in this field, you will be required to have considerable on-the-job training as well as a bachelor's degree in the appropriate field. However, your pay will reflect this, as the average salary starts at $41,820 and will increase with your experience
4. Social and Human Service Assistants provide consultation and counselling for healthcare professionals and their clients, such as case processing and patient advisory. This job requires moderate on-the-job training, and is really for those who enjoy dealing with the general public. salary ranges from $19,700 to $27,380.
5. Home Health Aides - If you enjoy helping others, this is the job for you. Providing everyday healthcare such as bathing or grooming, this job category will have a very good growth rate in the coming years. Training is mostly short term and on-the-job. The only drawback with this occupation is that the salary is considered to be on the low side, up to $19,600 yearly.
6. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians compile and process patient medical records and reports at hospitals and clinics nationwide. If the medical field has interested you in the past, this may be how to enter the industry. The majority of employers will require an associate's degree for this occupation, but it has a very positive growth trajectory. The average salary for this job ranges from approximately $19,700 to $27,400 annually
7. Physical Therapist Aides assist therapists and their assistants to prepare patients for physical therapy and the treatment. If you are keen on a job that requires little time for training and you enjoy helping people, then this job may be for you. With an expected growth of 46 percent, the outlook for this job looks good. The average salary for this job can range from $19,710 to $27,380.
9 & 8. Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software & Applications Personnel create, modify and develop computer software and applications for the consumer market. Most employers prefer that employees have a bachelor's degree. Base salary is considered to be well above average for either occupation, with the national pay scale starting at $42,000 or more, depending on which state you work in and your expertise in the field.
10. Physical Therapist Assistants provide patients with medical therapy and treatments. To work in this occupation, you will require a minimum of an Associate's degree. The average salary is considered to be above average; the US national pay scale ranges from $27,500 to $41,780 annually

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